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Samuel Peyton Douglass, the son of Samuel and Sophia Walden Douglass, was born in July of 1835, in Kentucky.

Samuel Douglass is enumerated on the 1840 census of Lincoln County, Kentucky, as having a male between the age fo 5 and 10 residing in the home. This would be Samuel Peyton.

Sam P. Douglass, 16 years old, born in Kentucky, is listed in the home of Samuel and Sophia Douglass on the 1850 census, Lincoln County, Kentucky.

August 1863

Peyton Douglass is included on a list of all persons of class I, subject to do military duty in the Seventh Congressional District, consisting of the Counties of Lincoln and others, State of Kentucky, enumerated during the month of August 1863.

Peyton was listed as being 31 years old, born in Kentucky, residing in Lincoln County, single, and a stage driver.

Registration List

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Peyton married THEAODOCIA "DOSHIA" MYERS, on September 3, 1863, at the residence of Milton Myers, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

The marriage bond is dated September 2, 1863, with N.T. Douglas as surety.

The marriage record notes that the groom was 28 years old, "last July," that his father was born in Garrard County, Kentucky; and that his mother was born in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. The bride was 21 years old, "last May."

Doshia was born in about 1842, in Kentucky.

In 1860, Dosia Myers, 18 years old, was listed in the home of Milton and Julia Miles, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Peyton and Doshia lived in Stanford. They were the parents of one child.


On May 26, 1864, Doshia purchased a house and lot in Stanford from her mother-in-law, Sophia Douglass. The house and lot adjoined the lands of WG Bailey and the lot on which the Baptist Church was situated. This is the same lot that Sophia had purchased from EB Caldwell on September 5, 1860. Doshia paid $1,200 for the house and lot.


1870 Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky
Peyton Douglass, 37 years old, born in Kentucky. House carpenter
Docia Douglass, 31 years old, born in Kentucky
Julia Douglass, 2 years old, born in Kentucky


On September 1, 1870, Peyton Douglass leased the Stanford house and lot of land to S.D. (Strother D) Myers, said lease to commence on January 1, 1871, for a period of four years.

The house and lot was described as that 'formerly owned by Sophia Douglass." Peyton noted that he was a tenant 'by courtesty of same.'

SD Myers agreed to a number of conditions, as follows: (1) to pay on the present indebtedness of Peyton Douglass, the sum of $500.00; (2) to build a box meat house and chicken house, each ten feet square; (3) to build a stable 20 by 16 feet square; (4) to furnish all the lumber and material for those structures; (4) to build the structures with good material and to perform the work in a substantial and workmanlike manner; and (5) to keep the premises in good repair during his four years' tenancy.


Doshia died in about 1871. According to the obituary for Peyton, Doshia was buried in Boyle County, Kentucky.


Peyton and his young daughter, Julia, continued to lived in the central Kentucky area after Doshia's death. In 1880, Julia is living with Myers relatives, in Stanford. Peyton is living up in Garrard County, working as a wagoner. By 1885, Peyton is living in Hall's Gap, located in Lincoln County.

1880 Brandy Springs, Garrard County, Kentucky
John Allen, 36 years old, born in Kentucky; parents born in Kentucky. Wagoner
Mary S. Allen, wife, 32 years old, born in Kentucky; parents born in Kentucky
Mary Allen, daughter, 6 years old, born in Kentucky; parents born in Kentucky
Jim Allen, son, 4 years old, born in Kentucky; parents born in Kentucky
Pierce Allen, son, 3 years old, born in Kentucky; parents born in Kentucky
George B. Allen, son, 2 years old, born in Kentucky; parents born in Kentucky
Paton Douglass, boarder, 46 years old, born in Kentucky; father born in Kentucky; mother born in Virginia. Wagoner. Widowed

1880 Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky
Julia M. Douglas, 11 years old, born in Kentucky, parents born in Kentucky, is listed as niece in home of Strider and Jinnie Myers (ages 40 and 34).


March 27, 1885
The Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky

Halls Gap, Lincoln County
Mrs. Barker, of Crab Orchard, who has been visiting her brother, Mr. S. Douglas, left yesterday to visit friends and relatives at Harrodsburg.


October 30, 1894
The Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky

The suit of S.D. Myers against S.P. Douglas occupied the court from Thursday till Saturday. It was for a note alleged to have been given by Mr. Douglas in full of a settlement made between the brothers-in-law, and is for $450 with interest from Dec. 31, 1879. The note was in the handwriting of Mr. E.B. Caldwell, Sr., and Douglas' cross mark only was signed. Mr. Douglas knew nothing of the note and Mr. Caldwell testified that he had been on a debauch when he signed it. After arguments by Messrs. Welch and Warren for the defendant and Hill & McRoberts for the plaintiff, the jury found for the defendant. The note would have been debarred by limitation on the 1st of January next.


Peyton died on April 20, 1898, at E.F. Bailey's home located in Maywood, Lincoln County, Kentucky.

The Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky
Friday, April 22, 1898

According to this notice, Peyton is buried at the Crab Orchard Cemetery. We presume this is correct. However, we note that his father, Samuel, is not buried at Crab Orchard, but rather is buried at the Gilbert's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, located south of Lancaster in Garrard County. We do not know where Peyton's mother, Sophia, is buried.


Peyton's son-in-law, Joe Hardin, served as the administrator for Peyton's estate.

On April 21, 1898, E.F. Bailey filed a bill totaling $112.80 for nursing services rendered from November 1, 1897 to April 20, 1898. E.F. Bailey later acknowledged receiving payment in full from J.L. Hardin.

On April 23, 1898, J.L. Hardin paid the following accounts:
To Dr. J.F. Deytan; $250; medical bill for the years 1889 and 1891.
To J.H. Baughman & Co; $1.80; for coal furnished
To J.C. McClary; $43; for casket, robe, and hearse


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On May 20, 1898, Joseph Hardin made settlement with the Judge of the Lincoln County Court. The debts and credits are listed as follows:

The administrator is chargeable with cash on hand at death: 131.50
By cash from J Water: 15.00
by note of EF Bailey: 112.80
totaling: 259.30

No. 1: Receipt of JC McClary: 43.00
No. 2: Receipt of EF Bailey: 112.80
No. 3: Receipt of JH Baughman & Co.: 1.80
No. 4: Receipt of Dr. JF Peyton: 2.50
No. 5: Receipt of GB Cooper, clerk: 2.25
No. 6: Receipt of Judge for settlement: 1.00
No. 7: Receipt of attorneys allowance: 7.50
totaling: 170.85
Balance in hands of administrators: 88.45

The following was noted:

"The administrator is not charged in this settlement with two notes on Ho Water amouting in all to $74.50 with a credit of $15.00 because not considered good neither is he charged with a note on JB Carter amounting to $251.08 April 22, 1898 because Mrs. JD Harding who is the only child and heir at law has accepted same as cash. Receipt for which is filed herewith Also Mrs. Hardin's receipt for #88.45 and found by this settlement to be in the hands of the administrator"

The settlement was continued for exceptions; none were filed, and the settlement was finally approved and filed on July 11, 1898.


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On May 23, 1898, J.L. Hardin filed an appraisment in the Lincoln County Court, stating that SP Douglass left at his death the following personal property:

Cash in hand: $131.50
Account against EF Bailey: $112.80
Note JB Carter: $51.08
Note JF Waters: $32.00
Note JF Waters: $42.50
J.L. stated that the JF Wates notes were not collectible as he had no property.

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Child of Samuel Peyton and Doshia Douglass

Julia M. Douglass; b. 6 August 1868, Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky; d. 22 September 1953, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky